McLeese Debate Grant

Total Funding in Dollars (2002-2015)

In 2003 an agreement was finalized between Upper Canada College, the Upper Canada College Foundation, the Canadian Student Debating Federation and Mr. Willis S. McLeese. Among other services to debating in Canada, this agreement provides the CSDF with funds to be used in supporting programs that seek to promote the development of debate in Canada.

Under the current Opportunities Fund Policy, $1,000 is provided l annually to member associations for projects that promote debate:

  • in an innovative manner,

  • in a new geographical area, or

  • promotes the growth for organization overall.

lThe McLeese Opportunities fund has been active in promoting debate since it's creation. Some of the projects undertaken by member associations in the past includes the development a wide range of projects from small to the large scale, media content, events,emergency funding and much more. Below are a few highlighted projects we are proud to Support:


Debate Camp Canada had its genesis at the University of British Columbia,  in late 2001.  Nick Szymanis, a teacher and house director at Shawnigan Lake School, Mike Kotrly, Greg Allan and Spencer Keys, all UBC student debaters, came up with the idea of extending a summer training opportunity to aspiring young minds, interested in public speaking, debate and world issues. 

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The Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA) is a charitable, non-profit organization that promotes speech and debate activities in English and French. The Association is active throughout the province from grades 5 through 12 and at the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. The Association coordinates an annual program of speech and debate tournaments.

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This program is a learning partnership program enabling UCC to provide academic tutoring, sports, music and an innovative summer school program for students from Toronto inner-city schools.

You get to flex your mentoring and leadership skills and get a strong sense of the broader Toronto community and how one individual can make a difference.